Stop Playing With Yourself: Worshipping At The Altar Of Lust

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Growing up as a kid, you hear things that made you think.

Statements like “go play with yourself” had that sexual overtone that everyone knew what it’s about. However, after a while, you find yourself doing masturbation more often than you realize. Until it becomes second nature. The muscle memory and the false pleasure of having sex with someone that isn’t there became more than just “playing with yourself.”

It turned from pleasure habit into a bondage that is no different than nicotine, cocaine, or alcohol dependency.

It’s addictive. Voyeurism, exhibitionism, and other obsessive forms of sexual immorality is not that far off. That’s because with self sexual foreplay, people that are not in control will engage anywhere.

The false pros of masturbation is no relationship with another person. No STDs. No pregnancies.

You schedule your day around it.

In 1 John 2:15-17, John, the beloved apostle of the Lamb…

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A lonely guy (these days) has gotta be careful

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I am a lonely guy.

No surprise there, for anyone that has followed my blogs,but I am determined (as determined as any old coot can be) to change all that. A friend of mine told me about this cult, excuse me, to be fair, I shouldn’t call it that, although many have, called One Taste. It is devoted to orgasmic meditation. At first glance this strikes me as a kind of half-ass Tantric practice being marketing cleverly so as to rob many lonely men and women of their meager funds. However, having written that, I totally agree with their goal, only there needs to be even more!! I think if women could be stroked properly and allowed to experience a joy filling their entire body in such a way that it enriches their relationships and lives in general, I am all for it. I just think men need to get…

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