Journal Through Recovery Entry 29: God Remove My Flaws


I am a 12 stepping machine. I am ready for step 7. I humbly (can’t you just sense my humility) ask God to remove all my shortcomings. Working with my sponsor, I wrote out a prayer, listing each of my defects of character. I am ready to turn them over. I have done a searching and fearless moral inventory and have identified all of them! I rock!

My wife and I took a walk around the lake tonight. I couldn’t wait to tell her what happened at work! I had been notified of a possible promotion opportunity. We would get to move, to start fresh, with a new and larger role for me. Sounds like an incredible idea, right? She would agree this was brilliant thinking on my part.

Not so much. She asked me if I were really that clueless. Did I want to jeopardize my recovery by losing…

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