It’s Funny Because It’s True!


It’s Funny Because It’s True!

I saw this comical photo floating around the internet a while back.  To be honest, I did not see the Saturday Night Live skit in which this photo was taken, so I don’t know the context.  What I found funny, was the caption that went along with the photo.

In here we see a man willing to admit to murder rather than have his internet search history made public.  How many of us, at whatever the cost, wanted to hide our internet activity?  I know I have.  When I was in my addiction, I made certain of “cleaning my tracks” so that nobody would know what sites I had visited.  I was too ashamed of my internet activity to have anyone find out about it and too ashamed to find help for these behaviors, amongst others.

When is enough going to be enough?  When are you…

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