Anatomy of an Affair – Part Two – Vulnerability


This is the second part of a blog about the origins or causes of affairs and how we become vulnerable to one.  In this part we look at the actual real life factors that make us susceptible to having an affair.

Now we come to the highly charged aspect of looking at what causes affairs.  How are these intimacy deficits created?  This is a rather complicated subject; in light of that I am going to provide only a basic principled look at that question.

As I see it there are these five major causal factors for affairs:

  • Our past, our cultural upbringing, our current environment, our spouse and our character.

Our Past

When I say our past, I am referring to all the experiences we had as we were growing up and how they affected our intimacy needs.  Let’s look at some major examples.

Some of us were abandoned, abused…

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