Marital Intimate Affection


A few days ago I published a “marital intimacy attention” exercise.  Here is a second exercise in a series I’m writing, this one deals with the little things that demonstrate affection in a marriage.

Affection is an important part of being and staying connected in all strong, healthy and intimate marital relationships.  When it is not overtly practiced by both spouses, a hidden question develops – does he/she really love me?  It is the small everyday things we do to demonstrate love through affection that provide some important glue in the bond of marriage.  In this intimacy exercise we are going to practice some demonstrations of affection.

Marital Intimate Affection is defined as:

A consistently present sense of caring, warmth, tenderness, fondness and attachment toward a spouse that is demonstrated in gentle and frequent personalized small actions such as gifting, words of connection and non-sexual touching.

Exercise objectives:

  1. For the…

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