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Several years ago, the Lord told me that more would be exposed for their Secret Sexual Sins.

True to His Word, the exposures continue.

It seems to me, out of preponderance of evidence, that this pastor does have lust in his heart and he took things to another level.

Not every pastor is a sex addict, but common sexual habits of pastors, or male and females in general point to level one sexual addiction activities. The progression is clear.

Level One: Porn, masturbation with or without porn, adultery, involving prostitutes or parishioners.

Most men involved with porn and masturbation will take things to the next level on level one. Tired of solo sex, they will engage in adultery or fornication. Even married men that get tempted to “try someone new” will lust after “strange flesh.”

Every man that has ever said that they wouldn’t cross the line has already planned…

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