Marital Intimate Security


This is number 8 of 10 posts dealing with intimacy in marriage.

Security in the context of intimacy is not about physical wellbeing, or having enough money to pay bills and retire – even though those things are important.  Security is about the heart.  It centers around this scripture, which applies to believers and non-believers alike:

Prov 4:23 – Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life.

This message or instruction speaks to the need to guard what goes into our heart, the part of us that harbors beliefs, values and attitudes.  Because the flow and patterns of our life come out of the heart.  If we let badness in, eventually badness will come out and ruin our lives, and the lives of those we say we care about.  In a marriage, part of intimacy is to open the door of our heart to…

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