Little Boys In Men’s Bodies: What Women Do Not Want

prevailing word ministries

Single available women want men, not boys. Married women are tired of trying to have a relationship with little boys. Married women want their husbands to be men. More often than not, married women are raising their immature husbands like little boys and that is not right. Brothers have yet to come correct in this area.

The reason is that they still treat life like a little boy’s game.

When it comes to sex, women are treated like “playmates,” not like wives.

If you study the male prison population, you will see that it is all a game.

Many call it “mental conditions.”

Hardly the case.

If you watch the inmates very closely, you will see that they are using their brains behind bars. Very few inmates will use their smarts towards education for when they get out. The majority of the population is in survival mode. They are looking…

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