Marital Intimate Respect


This is the last in a series of 10 exercises posted on intimacy in marriage.

Respect doesn’t get the respect it deserves!  Respect is a very tricky and deceptive characteristic of intimacy when it is not understood.  In some ways it is the hardest attribute of intimacy to practice well.  Respect in marriage is about high levels of admiration and unconditional positive regard between spouses.  The key to understanding respect is that when one person disrespects another they are not really saying much about that person but they are unknowingly revealing a serious character defect – a God complex.  {Note here that other words indicating the opposite of respect (disrespect) are; condemnation, put-down, contempt, judgmental, critical, negative, disapproving and disparaging.}  When we disrespect one another, we believe we are better than the person we’re disrespecting.  This indicates an internal arrogance that is so deceptive that the person handing out disrespect…

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