Anatomy of an Affair- Part One – Origins


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by applyingmybeliefs

This is the first of a two part blog on this difficult subject.  In this part we look at the origins, or basic cause of affairs, in the second we look at the major factors that go into becoming vulnerable to an affair.

I have long said this about extra-marital affairs:

  • All affairs are emotional and some are physical.

What so many people don’t get about affairs is this:

  • Affairs always involve a search for intimacy.

To demonstrate the reality of this last statement I want to go through the anatomy of an affair; how one is constructed and how it feeds us psychologically.  Because once we understand this we can see how each of us may be unconsciously making contributions to the birth of an affair in ourselves or in our marital partner.

First let’s define intimacy:

Intimacy is the emotional state achieved…

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