Seeking Nurturing


This is the third in a series of ways we exhibit low quality mental health in normal everyday life.  As a reminder, I claimed in a previous blog that every human, with the exception of Jesus, that ever existed or will exist, up to the moment God makes all things new, is mentally ill or if you prefer, has imperfect mental health.  The first of this series, my previous blog to this, was about not asking for help, the second was on the subject of inner permission.  This one is a sub-set of what I would call self-love or possibly self-care; it is about not seeking nurturance from self, others or God.

  • Nurturing – the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone or something.

We are designed to be nurtured.  As a very young child we are pre-wired by God to seek physical and psychological…

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