The Pain of Being “Pushed”: The Relational Trauma of Partners

LifeSTAR Central Valley Blog


Have you seen this highly popular video of the man pushing his girlfriend off a cliff? The video begins with a woman preparing herself mentally for her ominous cliff jump, then repeatedly deciding not to take the plunge. It is excruciating watching her, especially when her boyfriend enters the screen. He attempts to reassure her with the words “I’m not going to push you”. Moments later, he shoves her off the ledge. She falls, screaming down into the ravine. As the rope swings her across the valley, her voice echoes “I’m breaking up with you!”

Let me ask you: If you were the girlfriend in this scenario, would you be afraid of getting near that cliff again? Might you have “trust issues” after an experience like this? Would you be less likely to believe your boyfriend next time he promises “I won’t push you”?

This is similar to the…

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