The Number One Question Men Ask me About their Marriages

Uniting Couples to Strengthen Families

man and wife in bed

From time to time, I deliver presentations in the community related to marriage.  I have noticed that a common question comes up repeatedly from the married males in my audiences.  I am asked this question often enough that I am choosing to address it in a blog post.

Before I address the specific question, I want to be clear that I believe these inquiries are coming from individuals in relatively low to moderately-distressed marriages.  Many people in my audiences are feeling well in their marriages and are looking for improving upon what is already a solid foundation.  I’m making that clear because I realize that this point of view isn’t representative of many other marriages which are experiencing more disconnection and outright criticism from their partners.

The question I am asked routinely by men is, “How can I make my wife believe that I really think she is beautiful and…

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