In Sickness and in Health: Finding a Balance when Illness Strikes

Uniting Couples to Strengthen Families

couple hospital

**I got my husband’s permission to share about his particular illness.

There are many ways illness can affect a marriage.  Some couples deal with lifelong conditions such as diabetes.  Some are faced with a reality of chronic and often degenerative disease.  Many are surprised with acute catastrophic illness.  In just about every case, both partners are impacted by the illness, and together the couple must find a way to restore some kind of relational homeostasis.

A strong marital relationship can be a huge benefit in dealing with these types of stressors, even though it’s normal for couples to feel overwhelmed by medical challenges, and adjusting can be difficult.  A while ago, I was involved in a research project coding data for a study about how diabetes impacts marriage.  I read participants’ responses firsthand, and it was touching to see how many people saw themselves as being “in it together,” which…

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