Causative Factors


In this blog/essay I want to provide an overview or summarizing look at some of the basic or core reasons we find ourselves in recovery or maybe counseling.

As I have to tell some of my counselees, “You were, and probably still are, programmed for what you’ve been through.”  I don’t say this as an isolated statement, but as part of a conversation where we address the “why.”  The “why” is that question in the mind of all who are serious about trying to change things about their life.  It could be “Why do I drink?”, or “Why do I have affairs?” or “Why do I get angry at small things?” or “Why am I so depressed/anxious all the time?”

In the world of counseling, there are some practitioners that think it is not necessary to try to find out “why?”  They have their reasons, but for me and for…

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