Ten Questions


When I’m counseling I often ask questions – DUH!  Sometimes I ask some specific questions designed not for the answer, but to stimulate a person into introspection.  These are the two scriptures that I am leaning on when I do this:

Lam 3:40 – Let us test and examine our ways, and return to the Lord!

Heb 10:24 – Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.

My motivation is to encourage the people in front of me to do life better, and to try to live life according to Christian values.  It does not matter if we have a fabulous life and are on fire for God, we will all have times when our fallen nature interrupts the life and quenches the fire.  Serious introspection ought to be a normal and spiritual discipline.

So here is a list of ten basic questions that…

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