Unwelcome, Uninvited, Intrusive Thoughts – How I Deal With Them.


Today I am presenting a guest post from my long time friend WF.  It is simply cut and pasted as written, with no edits.  WF by his own description is a recovering sex addict.

These can come as dreams, or as seemingly random thoughts.  They can come after being triggered or not.

They are dangerous because they stimulate my brain’s reward center and bring pleasure or some degree of euphoria.  It feels good.  The thoughts usually involve being wanted and desired.  This feels good.  The thoughts result in some degree of arousal.  This feels good too.  This is my brain’s reward center being stimulated.  Old, well used, familiar neural pathways are being stimulated, and the old, familiar pleasures return.  To some extent, this is normal human behavior.  All of us want to be desired.  All of us enjoy pleasure.  All of us enjoy being aroused.  So what makes these uninvited…

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